Let me introduce myself, I’m Hardik Somaiya, an inquisitive Digital Marketing & IT consultant armed with eight years of rigorous and enlightening experience at stumbling greatly, but seeking out a definitive solution to any challenge until it is resolved. I think of myself as a professional who can enable and empower a business to grow manifold in the online segment.

After endless months of contemplating about starting a day, the moment of initiation has finally arrived. I am taking this opportunity to bring about my learnings and present them in print to drive further curiosity and learnings.

Why am I blogging?

Clarify your purpose. What is the why behind what you do? When we know this in life, it is very empowering and life is clear

Jack Canfield

So what’s my ‘why’? I always felt that the internet has been extremely kind to everyone. It gives away all the knowledge one might need, at the mere clicks of a few buttons on a computer keyboard or a mobile touch screen. This is the primary reason why I felt obliged to give something back to this constantly evolving, medium of information. I have always been keen to share my story and help people who have similar interests and inspire them to grow as I have grown. This journey of giving begins in the official sense for me, from here onwards.

What would I be blogging about?

Now that you are aware of  my ‘why’. Your next, obvious question would  be ‘what’?

In my eight years of experience since college, I have accomplished numerous things in the field of Website Development, Architecturing IT Solutions, a bit of UI & UX, E-Commerce (Amazon, Flipkart, Magento), Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Influencer Marketing, and the list continues.

Of all instances, I have achieved the most success in increasing E-Commerce sales multiple times (especially on Amazon and Flipkart) as well as during architecturing IT projects; both to increase process efficiency and product-based projects to increase revenue. I have also focussed on Search Engine Optimisation to increase high quality converting organic traffic for the companies I’m consulting for.

So, my blog posts mainly would be around how you can increase your e-commerce sales on various platforms like your own website, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. and also how can you use a mix of digital marketing & IT capabilities for your own business to get the most of this new century of online commerce.

Who should subscribe to and follow my blogs?

Are you someone who wants to expand your business or your own personal brand online? Or someone who wants to have a multitude of sales via e-commerce? It’s completely okay if you have no idea of any technicalities of any of these because a few years ago, I didn’t either.

My objective is to help anyone and everyone who wants to expand their business online. I would even appreciate your feedback on what you need help with. You can share your feedback via email at – [email protected] or comment on my blog posts. I usually sit with my blog on weekends, so don’t be discouraged if I am unable to reply to you during the week.

What goals do I want to achieve with this blog?

Setting the goal is the first step in turning the invisible to visible

Tony Robbins

I have a definitive goal – to be recognised as a  thought leader in the Online Marketing & E-commerce segment. I intend to continue on until I am successful in achieving this goal. I can’t achieve this without your support and hence it’s a two-way street, I help you grow and in turn, you choose to support me if you find my advice helpful.


I really appreciate the fact that you dedicated your time to read this blogpost until the end.

What would you like to read more from me? What are you struggling with? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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